Trailer Hire Services

Specialists in film logistics and TV set transport, GT Film Transport is on hand to provide essential support services to production sets in London and nationwide. As our website gallery will show, we have a substantial fleet of vehicles and trailers available for hire at competitive daily rates. This includes 4x4s, motor homes, Luton vans, trucks, and a range of artist and production trailers. Our services also extend to location support, luxury toilet hire, and waste collections. 

To find out more about our trailer hire services, please contact us on 07376 418127 or 07889 861124.

Actors’ Trailers

We provide the following trailers, which ensure the comfort of leading stars, support cast, and film extras:

  • Artists’ Trailers

  • Four-Way Trailers

  • Three-Way Trailers

  • Two-Way Trailers

Our top range of artists’ trailers provides the ultimate luxury for any production’s headliners. Incorporating comfortable bedrooms with expansive seating and full kitchen facilities, these extendable trailers are quickly packed up for transportation around London and to locations nationwide.

GT Film Transport’s two-, three- and four-way trailers are also fitted out to allow for restful downtime. Each unit contains full toilet and shower facilities with hot and cold running water, and a designated seating area complete with a desk and kettle.

Production Trailers

  • Production Office Trailers

  • Camera and Technical Support Trailers

  • Make-Up Trailers

  • Costume Trailers

Our extendable production trailers are fully furnished offices with plenty of room for the entire department. They come with spacious workstations, filing units and shelving, along with adequate seating and kitchen facilities. 

The trucks and vans provided for cameras, lighting, and other technical equipment, as part of our trailer hire services, are kitted out with appropriate safety shelving to ensure security during downtime and transport. 

Both our makeup and costume trailers come with laundry facilities and kitchens, providing these essential departments with all the facilities needed during production. All trailers have sufficient power points, seating areas, and additional lighting to ensure the artists and their wardrobes look perfect in front of the camera.

On-Site Facilities

GT Film Transport’s luxury toilet facilities are produced from recycled materials and operated via solar panels, which allows them to run independently of onsite generators. The 4-bay trailers are suitable for use in studio and location settings in London or elsewhere and are clearly marked for users. Our trailer hire services also extend to standard honeywagons for added convenience when there are more personnel onsite.

Call 07376 418127 or 07889 861124 for motor home, 4x4, and trailer hire services in London.