Film Set Transport and Logistics Services

When hiring a transport company for your film set, you need to ensure they understand the nature of the job – the occasional antisocial hours, fragile and luxury freight, urgent collections and deliveries at short notice with no room for error. Film schedules can change rapidly due to weather conditions or the unavailability of key actors etc., so the production and transport departments will be relying on the company they’ve hired to not let them down. They will require drivers who are capable of loading equipment safely and efficiently, safeguarding the items for transportation.

GT Film Transport Ltd is the company you need. We are a professional film logistics company, covering the North London and Buckinghamshire areas, and specialising in film set transport services.

Film Logistics

We understand the need for competence in this particular industry, and we deliver it every time. Our staff pride themselves on their professionalism and courteous manners, assuring our clients of their capabilities and ability to work unusual hours whilst under pressure due to tight schedules.

Our drivers carry appropriate HGV licences and have been CFB checked. We also have goods in transit insurance for conducting our film set transport services, and the relevant documentation is available should any client wish to view it.

GT Film Transport’s staff are fully aware that they transport expensive - and sometimes irreplaceable – luxury equipment and costumes. They are extremely capable when it comes to carrying such items, with 40+ years’ film logistics experience between them.

The range of services provided by our company to North London, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas are as follows:

  • Cameras and All Relevant Equipment
  • Full or Partial Film Sets
  • Rigging and Lighting
  • Props and Models
  • Costume Transportation
  • Location Cleaning Services
  • Waste Collection and Disposal


We have the following range of vehicles available for long or short term hire:

  • Gators and trailers
  • 4x4 cast vehicles
  • 4x4 pick-up trucks
  • 4x4 unit vehicles
  • Luton vans with tail lift
  • 7.5t box with tail lift
  • 7.5t curtain slider with tail lift
  • 18.5t box with tail lift
  • 18.5t curtain slider with tail lift
  • 26t box with tail lift
  • 26t curtain slider with tail lift
  • 26t flat bed
  • 32t flat bed with beavertail
  • 32t HIAB with beavertail
  • 44t articulated box with tail lift
  • 44t articulated curtain side trailer
  • 44t articulate flat bed with tail lift
  • 44t articulated HIAB
  • 44t articulated side loader

We can provide our service nationwide day to day, or longer if required.

As film logistics experts, our film set transport services in North London, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas include:

  • Studio to Studio
  • Studio to Location
  • Location to Studio
  • Location to Location

Pick-up and collection services during each of these routes is not a problem. We can provide location support for many of our clients, offering a range unit vehicles, 3.5 tonne vans and 4x4s to ensure the day-to-day running of the film set and base goes smoothly.

GT Film Transport will tailor our schedules to suit our clients, and our drivers remain with their vehicles at all times in case they are required at short notice.

We will also deliver tower lights, generators and gators for any location.

Toilet Facilities

GT Film Transport offers a range of solutions for on-set toilet facilities with standard honey wagons and portable amenities. We have also introduced luxury mobile toilet facilities to our TV set transport services. These 4-bay honey wagons are suitable for both studio and location settings, and marked with appropriate plaques to indicate their potential usage – adults, children, men or women, for example.

Our eco-friendly luxury toilets are made from recycled materials and use solar panels for energy, allowing them to run independently if necessary.

Waste Collection

As part of our film logistics services, we also take care of all waste collection and disposal on film sets and bases. We’ll position bins on film sets and bases to collect all rubbish, including food, on a daily or weekly basis. The waste is delivered to zero landfill recycling centres in order to maintain our eco-friendly pledge and reduce our carbon foot print.

GT Film Transport also supports albert, an environmental organisation which aims to reduce waste within the TV and film production services by improving their carbon footprint. The system originated at the BBC in 2011 and adopted by BAFTA.

Wet Waste

It may not be the most glamourous part of the film industry but we provide this necessary wet waste service nationwide 24/7. Our fleet of tankers are capable of emptying all the relevant facilities on site, including honey wagons, artists’ and support trailers. Regardless of their position, this service can remove a trailer’s wet waste from awkward angles or inaccessible places.

Motor Homes

Our Winnebago Minnie Winnies are available for both short and long term hire, with or without an attendant. These motor homes have a variety of uses, including the following:

  • Artist Greenrooms
  • Changing Facilities
  • Children’s Classrooms
  • Covid-19 Temperature Check Areas
  • Make-Up Studios
  • Medical Facilities

GT Film Transport operate our principal transport services in North London, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas, and we are available to travel nationwide at short notice. For more information about the areas we cover, please click on the link.

Call 07376 418127 or 07889 861124 to find out more about our film set transport services in North London, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas.