Costume Transportation

A production is only as good as the components that come together to make it a success. This includes the film crew, production team, logistics, transport department, actors, special effects experts, and make-up facilities, amongst others. Without each of these working in tandem, any project will fail. One of the most important key elements of any film or TV programme is the wardrobe department. Authentic costumes greatly improve production value, and this is paramount for ensuring increased revenue and recognition. Wardrobe oversees the costumes for the principal actors, stand-ins and extras, guaranteeing each outfit is maintained and cared for at all times during production. 

But what about transporting them to various locations?

Event transportation specialists, GT Film Transport Ltd carries out film and TV set transport services in London and the surrounding areas. We specialise in film logistics and costume transportation, guaranteeing that all clothing and luxury wardrobe accessories are collected, stored and delivered safely to the following:

  • Film and TV Locations

  • Film and TV Studios

  • Pop-Up Events

  • Theatres

  • Exhibitions and Roadshows

  • Music and Entertainment Events

We use Luton vans that have been kitted out with the appropriate hanging rails and storage facilities when conducting our services. Please call us today to find out more about our competitive Luton van hire rates.

The Delicate Touch

GT Film Transport’s drivers share 40+ years of experience in the film logistics and transportation industry and are extremely competent and considerate when handling clothing and accessories. They have been fully trained to transport the following:

  • Specific Attire for Principal Actors

  • General Outfits for Stand-ins and Extras

  • Hosiery and Underwear

  • Boots and Shoes

  • Luxury Leather Goods

  • Miscellaneous Textiles

  • Personal Accessories – Hats, Scarves, Gloves and Eyewear 

  • Accessories – Handbags, Briefcases, Suitcases and Walking Sticks

We will also collect and deliver jewellery items as part of our costume transportation services, treating them with care and making sure they arrive safely at their destination. We have the facilities to transport entire wardrobe departments from one location to another. No job is too small; as film logistics experts, we’re happy to help.

GT Film Transport’s staff is available to work evenings and weekends, but we don’t operate a 24/7 service. For emergencies, however, we will do our utmost to facilitate all requirements. We aim to provide a same-day collection and delivery service where possible in and around London. 

Due to the nature of the film, TV and event industries, our drivers acknowledge the need for efficiency due to filming schedules, weather conditions, etc. They will conduct our company’s costume transportation services swiftly and reliably at all times. 

As a film logistics company, GT Film Transport is fully covered by public liability, employers’ and goods-in-transit insurance. The relevant documents are available for our clients’ approval, and further details are included in our quotations. Each driver carries an HGV licence and has been passed by the relevant CRB checks.

Call 07376 418127 or 07889 861124 and talk to one of our experienced staff about our costume transportation and film logistics services in London.