Film Set Transport Services

We understand the phenomenal amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure a film project is a success. From  hand-painted film sets to the make-up dog box on the base, every item used combines to make one profitable venture. But not everyone reads the credits at the end of a movie. They don’t see just how many people and services are employed in order to produce it. But we do. 

GT Film Transport Ltd provides luxury film set transport services to Buckinghamshire, North London and the surrounding areas. Our facilities also include TV set transport services, event transportation, costume transportation and all manner of film logistics, excluding base crew, actors etc. 

Our fleet includes a selection of vehicles suitable for complete film sets, props or wardrobe items. 

We will also deliver nationwide to various studios and locations, and pride ourselves on our professional service, guaranteeing that any set, prop or costume we collect will arrive safely at its destination.

Our Transport Services

Further information about our TV and film logistics, and event transportation services, in Buckinghamshire, North London and the surrounding areas is listed below:

Film Set Transport Services – We will ensure all cameras, filming equipment and set pieces are secured prior to departure. Urgent prop delivery and return services are also available, with same day facilities for last minute changes and alterations to filming schedules.

TV Set Transport Services – These services are identical to the film logistics listed above. 

GT Film Transport also takes care of the cleaning services on bases and location sets in Buckinghamshire and North London, removing waste and disposing of it appropriately. We guarantee the facilities will look as luxurious as one would expect.

Costume Transportation – Our Luton vans are fitted with the appropriate garment rails so costumes will be protected during shipping. Like our film set transport services and TV set transport services, should urgent deliveries be required, we guarantee a same day collection and delivery service.

Event Transportation – We will move and deliver all items relating to the following: film set transport services, TV set transport services, exhibitions and roadshows, music and entertainment, festivals and fairs, promotional tours, pop-up events, conferences, corporate functions and award ceremonies.

Our drivers carry HGV licences and have 40+ years’ combined experience between them. All staff have been CRB checked and acknowledge the importance of discrepancy in the film industry. They wear the appropriate high-visibility vests and are professionally presented at all times. As part of our film logistics services in Buckinghamshire, North London and the surrounding areas, our drivers will assist when loading and unloading whatever sets, props or costumes they are carrying.

We have recently introduced luxury mobile toilet facilities to our fleet. These 4-bay units are suitable for any sized film or TV set, or outdoor event, and can accommodate both males and females.

GT Transport Services does not offer a 24/7 delivery service but is available to work evenings and weekends to facilitate film schedules, location and base moves. For emergencies, however, we will endeavour to collect and deliver as soon as possible. 

We are fully covered by public liability, employers’ and goods in transit insurance. These details are included in all quotations.

Call 07376 418127 or 07889 861124 to find out more about our professional film set transport services in Buckinghamshire, North London and the surrounding areas.